About Us

Lucky charm bracelets for daily mindfulness
Feel home with yourself wearing meaningful jewelry that support your intention to lead your life being authentic to your inner journey and outer world. Our home is inside ourselves. The friend who will receive the gift of a charm bracelet will wear the message close to them and integrate the intention into their life. Read more on www.borntohavejoy.com

Passion for living in the present moment
Lucky Studio sàrl was founded with the ambition to inspire feminine leadership and personal growth. We coach and develop arts of well-being which impact our customers to team-up and share intentions of growth. Your creative power can influence how events turn out. Be a change-maker. View more on www.8value.com

Why the name Féminin Sacré
Féminin Sacré stands for creative power, solar nature and inner awakening. Feminine leadership helps to remember to feel at home with yourself.

Creative power, influence and joy in style with Féminin Sacré. Your lucky charm bracelets of solar nature & inner awakening.

Who we are
Féminin Sacré was founded by a set of design and fashion entrepreneurs in Geneva, Switzerland. Are you a blogger, designer, supplier, investor or media partner looking to join the ride? Please drop us a line at info@femininsacre.ch